191186, Russia, Saint-Petersburg,
Malaya Konyushennaya st. 1-3
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Federal Test Center and the international test center KEMA discussed possible areas of cooperation

The representatives of Federal Test Center (FTC) held a meeting with a delegation of the international test center KEMA (the Netherlands, part of the DNV-GL Energy group of companies) in St. Petersburg

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FTCAbout the companyTest center

Test center

For the period prior to the establishment of testing capabilities FTC implemented coordination and distribution functions, optimizing the transportation costs of manufacturers at the ordering stage.

Implementation of a "single window" function for clients’ testing

  • Forming a pool of test capacities
  • Aligning optimal logistic links
  • Possibilities for the formation of complex testing protocols including equipment certification
  • Transparent pricing

Developing and implementing uniform technical policies in the field of testing

Before the commissioning of their own facilities, the activities of the center was aimed at the acquisition of the necessary competencies and establishing logistics links

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